Free And Open Source Human Generator

HumanGenerator (siborg.create.human) is a parametric humanoid editor for Nvidia Omniverse.


Our project, HumanGenerator, endeavors to enhance the generation of human models in NVIDIA’s Omniverse Kit. Our focus is on enriching realism in simulations and visualizations across diverse design applications, leveraging the Universal Scene Description (USD) format.

As a plugin for Omniverse, HumanGenerator addresses the limitations of existing proprietary and costly tools. Our research delved into animation, mesh processing, and data optimization, fostering a collaborative and adaptive codebase.

Aligned with industry standards like USD, this project promotes community engagement and research opportunities. A significant part of our work involved optimizing performance, particularly in transitioning from reliance on external codebases to a more integrated approach. This shift has allowed for improved real-time responsiveness and enhanced user experience.

Our efforts have culminated in a plugin that enables dynamic adjustments and seamless visualization of human figures, proving beneficial in educational and professional settings. The HumanGenerator plugin is a testament to our dedication to creating accessible, efficient design tools within the Omniverse ecosystem.


*Our license restrictions are due to the AGPL of MakeHuman. In line with the statements from MakeHuman, the targets and resulting characters are CC0, meaning you can use whatever you create for free, without restrictions. It is only the codebase that is AGPL. As we transition the codebase away from reliance on the Makehuman project, we will adopt more permissive license.