H2GO is a portable hydration system which allows the user to attach bottled water, turning any backpack into a hydration pack. It has the convenience of a hydration pack, without the sanitation challenges of a traditional water reservoir.

Andrew Elcock presented H2GO, a different kind of hydration product. Elcock is a student athlete and an industrial design major at NJIT, as well as the developer of H2GO. As an active person who camps and hikes with his family, Elcock has had a lot of experience with hydration packs. “The main problems I’ve had with hydration packs is that they’re always a pain in the butt to clean, and the water had a distinct plasticky chemical taste to it. And some basic customer discovery assured me that I’m not the only one who has experienced these issues,” he said.

“Our product solves this problem by removing the water reservoir entirely. H2GO features a universal valve that allows it to fit onto any off-the-shelf bottled water. This turns your bottle of water into a hands-free hydration pack with a single twist. While we’ve identified unique market opportunities for our bottled-water hydration product, we do realize that our larger target market is the environmentally conscious. So, our next product would be a variation that fits reusable water bottles. Our clear early adopters are those who own hydration packs. The hydration pack market alone was valued at $310 million in 2018, and is forecasted to grow up to about $780 million in 2025.” 

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The average reusable water container was found to contain over 100x the amount of bacteria per square centimeter than the average dog toy. H2GO solves this bacteria problem by removing the water reservoir entirely.

The double sided thread adapter ensures that both of the most commonly manufactured threads in the bottled water industry are compatible with every H2GO system. The adapter fits large threads on one side, and small threads on the other.

Easily turn your favorite backpack into a hydration pack in a few simple steps. Slide H2GO into the side pocket of your backpack, snap the straw into the straw clip, attach the clip to your backpack strap, and you’re ready to go.

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