Pediatric Ambulatory Device

This project was completed by Tejasi Thool, Heather Rabanes, Sooky Byun, Faith Ramos over the course of one week. The project was to consider the lectures given regarding movement and think of a sport of activity that can have predetermined “good” and “bad” movements. Rather than using motion capture and a biomechanical engineer to explain how one moves, we considered the ways in which the environment itself could record the movement, how an app on the phone, or digital interface on a product, could communicate a good or bad movement, and possibly how to correct it.

Toe-walking is something that occurs in toddlers (ages 3-6) where they walk on the balls of their feet.

While Toe-walking can be normal in many babies, sometimes this isn’t the case for all toddlers and can a symptom of a short Achilles tendon, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, or another generalized disease of nerve and muscle.

When toe-walking gets serious, some kids may even need surgery, so to prevent this we designed a brace to fix this problem at hand.

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