Sculptural Motion

This work uses a custom algorithm with motion capture technology to render the performative arts into static sculptural forms in order to create an aesthetic that focuses on the path of motion instead of on the subjects’ figure. With bronze being the material of choice, the work is given a traditional sculpture material while utilizing modern technology. The utilization of the work can range from aesthetic sculpture to teaching and training within martial and performing arts.

Sculptural Motion was a year long project that dealt with technology, sculpture, dance, and martial arts.  The work was not about how many disciplines could be put together but rather creating a work that was about how science can objectively look at the arts as a whole.  Many stages of the project utilized resources at the University of Michigan including the UM3D Lab, Architecture 3D Lab, and the Sculpture Studio.  The following images are three of the final pieces.  Click on an image to see the progression and creation of the work.