Welcome To SiBORG Design Lab

SImulation BiOmechanics Robotics and computer Graphics

Siborg Design Lab

Computational Human Centered Design

Who We Are

We are a diverse interdisciplinary group of researchers, designers, and developers

What We Do

We study computational methods for improving design processes and human simulation

Our Goal

To improve accessibility and human experience in the built environment

Motion Capture Experiments

During my time at the University of Michigan 3D Lab I worked on various projects using motion capture.

Pediatric Ambulatory Device

The project was to consider the lectures given regarding movement and think of a sport of activity that can have predetermined "good" and "bad" movements.

Sculptural Motion

Sculptural Motion was a year long project that dealt with technology, sculpture, dance, and martial arts.

Human Factors

Human Factors is oriented around teaching students how to find information on human factors and test their designs on people. It discusses the strategies to understanding the human component of a design both in academics and in industry through a series of lectures and exercises on various human subject topics.

Discovering the Metaverse

Welcome to AI in Design, where the intersection of artificial intelligence and creative design is explored.  This course is designed for students who are interested in using AI to enhance their artistic projects and presentations.

NJIT Design Student and Oncologist Work to Make Life Easier for Patients with Mediports

Johmary Adames ’24 and Dr. Krupesh Patel have joined forces to create a protective cover to shield patients’ mediports.