Welcome To SiBORG Design Lab

SImulation BiOmechanics Robotics and computer Graphics

Siborg Design Lab

Computational Human Centered Design

Who We Are

We are a diverse interdisciplinary group of researchers, designers, and developers

What We Do

We study computational methods for improving design processes and human simulation

Our Goal

To improve accessibility and human experience in the built environment

Sculptural Motion

Sculptural Motion was a year long project that dealt with technology, sculpture, dance, and martial arts.

Core 77 Finalist

TOCABI stands for Torque-controlled CompliAnt BIped. It is 1.8 meters, 100KG and 33 degrees of freedom. The torque-control and compliance algorithms controlling the robot help make human-robot interaction safer by limiting the energy put into the motors to only what is required for the expected tasks.

Industrial Design Studio

What goes into making a product? Are solutions made for problems, or are the problems created for a solution?  This studio class introduces students to the pipeline of creating a product from the ground up. Throughout the semester, students work on idea generation, prototyping, packaging, marketing, and evaluating their designs. 

DHART: A C++ package with interfaces to Python, C, and C# for Design, Humans, Analysis, and RoboTics

There are a few components to the package, but the main focus is in providing fast ray-casting interfaces for python and C# for a variety of analysis and evaluation techniques.

Getting Started with Omniverse: Making an extension in a day

This tutorial shows a step-by-step process of developing the DHART extension for the NVIDIA Omniverse application (Create or Isaac).

Working on Managing Deformation: A Step Toward Higher Robot Autonomy

New paradigms are needed to address these challenges. Therefore, the aim of this workshop is to discuss new research prospects considering the object’s deformation in various robotic applications.